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CountrySpices Oolong Tea leaves

CountrySpices Oolong Tea leaves

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More renowned as a Chinese tea, the name "oolong" also has its root in 'wu long' or 'dark-winged serpent'. Its roots come in unverified stories, one of a tea producer named Wu Long who neglected to process his pick one day. The leaves started to shrink and oxidize. At the point when Wu Long discovered them the following day, he chose to process them gently and wound up with a mix that was like dark tea, however smoother, sweeter and more fragrant.
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CountrySpices Oolong Tea leaves

Place of origin: Meghalaya,India

Oolongs too are produced using leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. What separates it from the blacks or whites or greens is the single stride of oxidation. Oolongs fit amongst dark and green teas by being mostly oxidized.

Its leaves are typically framed in one of two exceptional styles: moving them long and wavy or 'wrap‐ twisting' the leaves into little bead‐like shapes, here and there with a tail.

To make the vigorous flavor, the leaves, are wilted, rolled and let go different circumstances. In creating an oolong, the tea ace must both, perceive the potential in a leaf to fit this sort, and be talented really taking shape of it.

The oolong teas have gotten the enthusiasm of tea consumers for wellbeing reasons. It's idea to be valuable to wellbeing for its cancer prevention agent properties, to such an extent or more than the normal dark.

  1. Oolong tea provides you a blend of the strength of black tea and the subtle freshness of green tea.
  2. This tea has a high level of polyphenol. Consuming oolong tea burn fats- reducing it and revitalizing your internal organs naturally.
  3. This high quality oolong tea is mellow to taste with balance note of sweetness.
  4. Drinking oolong tea for weight loss and detoxifying your body is a perfect solution to healthy living. You can drink it as a boost in the morning or as a night cleanser.
  5. Oolong tea is a caffeine free oolong tea. The caffeine content in tea varies depending on how long the leaves are aged. Aged oolong tea is already low in caffeine. To decaffeinate it further, simply brew it for a few minutes longer than the usual brewing time.

How to make a good cup of Tea

1.Rinse Teapot with hot water

2.Put boiling into the teapot

3.Put half teaspoon of tea leaf in the tea pot and cover with tea cosy

4.Brew for three to five minutes

5.Now your tea is ready to serve

6. Leaf tea is best without milk/sugar

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