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Turmeric Latte and Kadha Blend

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CountrySpice Kadha Blend
Rs.480.00 - Rs.3,840.00
CountrySpice Turmeric Latte Blend
Rs.250.00 - Rs.1,000.00
CountrySpices Bay Leaves (Sun Dried)
Rs.60.00 - Rs.960.00
CountrySpices Black Cardamom Pods (Whole)
Rs.250.00 - Rs.2,000.00
CountrySpices Black Large Cardamom Powder
Rs.180.00 - Rs.2,880.00
CountrySpices Black Pepper Powder
Rs.150.00 - Rs.2,400.00
CountrySpices Black Pepper Whole
Rs.125.00 - Rs.2,000.00
CountrySpices Black Sesame Seeds
Rs.240.00 - Rs.1,600.00
CountrySpices Black Sticky Rice
Rs.500.00 - Rs.4,000.00
CountrySpices Black Tea Leaves
Rs.160.00 - Rs.3,000.00
CountrySpices Cinnamon Powder
Rs.2,100.00 - Rs.4,200.00
CountrySpices Cinnamon Sticks
Rs.190.00 - Rs.1,520.00
CountrySpices Cloves
Rs.240.00 - Rs.3,840.00
CountrySpices Garam Masala Powder
Rs.150.00 - Rs.2,100.00
CountrySpices Ginger Candy
Rs.625.00 - Rs.1,200.00
CountrySpices Ginger Powder
Rs.900.00 - Rs.1,600.00
CountrySpices Green Tea Leaves
Rs.1,500.00 - Rs.2,700.00
CountrySpices Lakadong Turmeric Powder
Rs.120.00 - Rs.4,800.00
CountrySpices Lakadong Turmeric Slices
Rs.400.00 - Rs.700.00
CountrySpices Oolong Tea leaves
Rs.1,800.00 - Rs.3,200.00
CountrySpices Perilla Seeds
Rs.200.00 - Rs.1,500.00
CountrySpices Rasam Powder
Rs.150.00 - Rs.2,100.00
CountrySpices Red Chilli Flakes
Rs.110.00 - Rs.1,800.00
CountrySpices Red Chilli Powder
Rs.125.00 - Rs.2,000.00
CountrySpices Red Sticky Rice
Rs.360.00 - Rs.3,600.00


We are committed to sourcing each produce sustainably, keeping our planet's and our farmers' health in mind. Our  products are made in small batches and handcrafted to maintain the quality, aroma,

and character of each produce.

We are CountrySpices and FSSAI certified.

Purest Spices

We source the world's purest spices. We honour our commitment to you with a team dedicated to their craft.

Fine Tea

Our tea leaves are sourced from the best farms worked by the best artisans.

Traditional Farming

Learn the craft of coffee brewing and extract optimum flavors from the comfort of your home.

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